It has been a month since my kid stopped going childcare. I keep looking for new chuldcare, but feel very frustrating that not much info. could be found on the internet...all the google reviews for each childcare are only 5 star ones left, and yeaterday I just found this article from NT News, I couldnt read it because Im not the mamber. So I post the news to Darwin mums and bubs, asking if anyone knows which childcare that was. Soon I got the answer and also start getting interesting...

Because some comments came from people who claimed shes working there and tell other people to keep comments to themselves...without telling her own side of story...I am very curious and eager to know whats her side of srory, so I just left another comment wishing she could say something helpful instead of telling other people to shut up.

Below are the images that I captured with my mobile, because they might delete the post. And I hope other parents would not feel like been  blindfolded as Im feeling now...This is really so hard to find a childcare that I really trust...

Below is my post in Darwin mums and bubs.

Then one of the comments gave me this full news article below

Then more comments mention the name of the allegated childcare

Once the name came out, theres a person jumpped out saying shes working there and telling others to leave comments to thselves...

Then I post this and wishing she could grab the chance and tell her side of story

Will keep posting if she replied (to be continued~)

Update: she replied but just picking on my wording etc, keep saying that people making comments without having all the info. I couldnt see it before because she mentioned/tagged me and then blocked me lol, then I post another comment and saying just a kind reminder, you can block people "before" block someone ~ then her "friend" saw it and told her, so she unblocked me and thats how I know she still havsnt explained what happened on that day when the poor little girl "alleged" got pushed and her head hit a pot...

I think I should stop looking for a new childcare for my kid...none of them is good enough~

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