I sent my son to Mitchell street childcare centre in Darwin last June, and just withdrew his last week.

He was in Kindy Koala room and the room leader Gai is amazing ! Both me and my son loves her. She would always approach me first when I dropping my son off, saved me big time because me and my son tend to feel awkward when entering a new place or classroom (even we have been there for 6 months, everytime I felt the hardest part was dropping him off, but if Gai' s there, she made the transition very smoothly) . Also, she always let me know how was my son going during the day when I went to pick him up. I barely asked because she would just tell me whenever she saw me. I am so grateful and appreciate her help, my son stopped the morning crying after 3 or 4 months. 
But things had a dramatic turn after I complaint about the outsourced fee collecting company they are using, happened around October, and the Director told me that I am the only person that having problem!

I thought about moving my son to other childcare, but I didn't want my son endure the painful process of getting used to another childcare again, Gai also was the main reason we stayed. But since January 2020, they moved my son to preschool room, regardless the fact that he still needs to wearing nappies. One the first day we back to the childcare after the centre reopened, the new room leader told me that the ratio now is 1 to 11, so it is difficult for them to keep changing kids nappies. But I wasn't even asking him to do that...I still don't understand why the childcare moved my son to preschool room when their room leader reluctant to take kids who need to wear nappies! 

I talked to the Director and hoping that my son could stay at Kindy Koala room, but there were 3 staffs in the office strongly suggested us to stay at preschool room, and the Director said she would talk to the room leader.

But the next time we back to the childcare, the room leader just suddenly decided that my son could not have the car the he usually had in the past 6 months when I dropped him off. So he cried and I was carrying him, and that room leader added fuel into fire by saying : you don't need mommy carrying you, you can walk yourself! 

Thanks to his "help" . My son wouldn't stop crying and I was stuck there carrying a crying kid, totally helpless. Until another educator couldn't bare to see us in such a miserable situarion and stepped in, she took my son away and settled him.

That was a Friday. I wrote a lengthy email during the weekend and sent it to the Director on Monday, telling them that we won't be back. And they don't care as usual. How fool I was even expecting them to reply me email and apologise for lacking of communication between the Director and room leader.

So, I am just writing this to warn other parents if you would like to send your kid to there (I wish someone would have written something on the internet before I did my research about childcares). Gotta make sure your kid is nappies free and don't complain about anything, just shut your mouth if you don't wanna end up like me, otherwise you might be targeted like I was and got treated badly. They can't stop you sending your kid there, but they can treat you badly so you can just leave.

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